A little about Petra

Petra van Bremen

Petra always wanted to be a model. Now she is a model, a successful classic model.

Born in Gütersloh, Germany, the daughter of a Dutch father and a German mother, Petra grew up in Zeeland, a province in the Netherlands. At the age of 17 Petra began her modeling career on the catwalks for famous designers at fashion shows in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. She was thrilled to be actually living her dream, modelling the latest fashions for the world’s best designers!

As time passed and Petra grew older, continuing a modelling career in those days was not a realistic option. So at the age of 24 she listened to her parents advice: ‘Petra, you have to learn to do something proper – a real profession!’ And that is exactly what she did. She stopped modelling and trained for a career as a Human Resource Manager and Regional Manager at temporary employment agencies.

At the age of 46, Petra moved to Hamburg, Germany to live with the love of her life. She had given up her career in the Netherlands and her thoughts frequently turned to becoming a model again. Her husband encouraged her to fulfill her dream and so one day she decided to register with her former modelling agency, with instant success!

Petra van Bremen has now firmly established herself as a Best Ager Model. She has worked for magazines and for advertisers such as Otto, Basler Fashion, Malaysian Airlines, Calgon and Schwarzkopf. On a regular basis you can find her once again on the catwalk and she is also a regular guest on talk shows in Germany and the Netherlands.

Petra strongly believes in her natural self and embraces growing older. Refreshingly, she thinks this is to her advantage. She is looking forward to many new experiences and adventures, challenging boundaries along the way.


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