Ronald McDonald House

Every year the Ronald McDonald House accommodates around 250 parents and families within the grounds of the Hamburg-Altona Children’s Hospital while their seriously ill children are undergoing treatment there. Importantly, the parents and families can stay at the facility for as long as necessary.

Since 2016 Petra has been a proud supporter of this Oasis and when Mrs Maren Otto invited her to join the organization as Ambassador, Petra did not hesitate for a moment.

So what made Petra decide to become involved with Ronald McDonald?

When I was just 3 years old, I was hospitalized in Rotterdam. As Ronald McDonald Houses didn’t exist then, my parents had a very difficult and emotional time taking care of my siblings, going to work and organising visits to the hospital which was an hour and a half away.

So I genuinely realise how important it is for parents, children and their siblings to be together when a child is seriously ill. In such stressful times, The Ronald McDonald House in Hamburg-Altona provides a vitally important temporary home for families.

Quite simply, it is an honour for me to be involved.”

Petra van Bremen for Ronald McDonald House Hamburg


DKMS Life Magazine

Since 2010 Petra is a volunteer for DKMS LIFE, a project that is personally very dear to her. As a seminar godmother and an Ambassador, she attends DKMS LIFE cosmetic seminars every month. These seminars take place at the German Cancer Society in Hamburg, where Petra participates in beauty workshops for women who have been diagnosed with cancer.


“When a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was the first time in my life that I had been confronted with the effects of cancer and chemotherapy. As a model I certainly understand the sensitivity of one’s appearance and looks. I witnessed her emotional distress as her appearance changed during the treatment. That is when I decided to become involved as volunteer for DKMS LIFE.”

As an Ambassador, Petra is committed to promoting DKMS LIFE. She has succeeded in opening a seminar location in the south of Hamburg. Since last year beauty workshops for young cancer patients have been taking place there in association with the Radiotherapy Center of Hamburg.

DKMS Life Magazine